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You cannot outrun the time but you can be ready for it.

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Weather Icons + Font Created for You!

LICENSE: Free for use in personal and commercial projects.

Files: PSD file with 42 shape icons and Ai icons on 32x32px + Font

About the Team

What we created for you.

Weather & Time is an application which is created without financial capital, but with our personal time and resources. What we wanted was to improve our skills and solutions related to mobile technology.

Weather & Time is an application that shows the weather and the time in a new different way. With its innovative solutions show you new functionality different than that of its competitors.

Made with quick and easy navigation of the things you need - the weather conditions in real time, time / date , received notification emails and sharing useful

information with friends. In other words - You cannot outrun the time but you can be ready for it :)


We will be glad if our application is beneficial for you. We expect you to share your observations , tips and questions at

The application's idea and design are created by Svilen Petrov and the realization by Søren Sørensen.

Svilen Petrov

Idea and Design




Søren Sørensen










Eye for the detail

Eye for the detail

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